Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

25 NOV 2013

Douglas takes action over Bulgarian and Romanian migration

Clacton MP, Douglas Carswell, is seeking to amend the Immigration Bill, to halt the influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria.  If voted through in the House of Commons, this new clause would extend provisions that ban the free movement of Bulgarians and Romanians for several more years.

"The average income in Romania and Bulgaria is a fraction of what it is here" explains Douglas.  "So guess what is going to happen when people over there are free to move here?".

By backing this change to the law, Douglas is prepared to defy the Westminster elite.  "Ministers would rather I did not try to force through this change in the law, but I am not in Parliament to do what they want.  I am here to represent folk in Essex.   I am putting Britain first, and we have had enough uncontrolled immigration".

Douglas has consistently raised the issue of immigration in Westminster, often coming in for fierce criticism for doing so. Most recently a London-based think tank attacked him after he uncovered new data about benefit tourism.  Douglas helped reveal that many of those claiming working tax credit and child tax credit are non-UK nationals.  Douglas also helped highlight how several so-called "experts" advocating more EU immigration happened to receive money from the European Commission.

"Enough is enough.   We need to end uncontrolled immigration into our country.  And we need to act now!".

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